Do I need tools to attach or remove my Firefins?

Firefins are TOOL-LESS!

It is a click-and-go, snap-fit system which requires no tools to attach or detach your Firefins once you have mounted your bases. 

All you need to do is: choose.click.ride!

How do I attach / detach my Firefins?

Attaching and detaching your Firefins is fast and easy! 

Please watch the how-to videos or follow the instructions in the booklet that came with your product.

Is the Firefin-system compatible with all twin-tip board brands?

Firefin is compatible with all twin-tip boards that have the standard distance of 38mm (1,5 inch) between the fin holes (measured from their respective midpoint).

Do all different Firefins fit onto the same base?

Yes! The Firefin base is universal, so you can fit all Firefin models and sizes into the same base! 

So cool! ;-)

Can I install Firefins on my old board?

Firefins are universally mountable which means you can install, or retro-fit them on all boards that have the standard distance of 38mm (1,5 inch) between the fin holes. So, if you have a couple boards, you can also install bases on all and then switch your fins amongst them!

Can I leave the bases attached to the board?

Yes! Once you have installed the bases, they remain on your board! 

The rounded and smooth design of the Firefin base makes it travel safe and ensures there is no damage to your board-bag, kites, car seats, etc.

The bases come with different screws. Which one’s should I use?

Which screws to use depends on the screw hole type of your board as well as the board's thickness. 

Please watch the how-to videos or follow the instructions in the booklet that came with your product.

How can I be sure I’ve used the right screws?

Once you have mounted the base, simply check that the screws don’t stick out of the holes at the top of the base.

Do I have to use the Firefin screws?

Yes! Firefin screws are specifically designed, thread-forming screws. 

This means that they cut the thread into the base the first time you use them. You may notice that they are more difficult to screw than regular ones. Don't be surprised, this is ok! 

Do not use any other screws as they will damage the bases and cause the system to fail!

Can I use power tools to attach the screws?

We strongly advise to use manual screwdrivers. Don’t worry, you only have to attach the bases once anyway! ;-)

Is the measure tool also a bottle opener?

Yes it is! Attach it to your keychain and always have it handy for those sun-downers after your session! ;-)

Does the metal plate have to be attached to the base?

Yes, the metal stabiliser plate must always be attached to the base.

The release buttons are too hard to push, what can i do?

Try to use both hands to have some extra strength in your fingertips or start hitting the gym ;-)


Make sure the Base is straight

Plastic element should be centered on metal plate (side distance should be equal)
IF plastic element is off-center, THEN slightly turn top or bottom screw (this will align the plastic element)

Check out this helpful drawing:

Can’t attach Firefin (or: no click sound when attaching Firefin)

Check out our troubleshooting videos and try following things:

  • Check that your base is free from debris (sand, rocks, etc), especially underneath the eject buttons. Wash out if necessary.
  • Make sure your base is mounted straight. See explanation above.
  • Always press the fin down strongly, don’t stop after the first click!
  • Give the fin a wiggle while pressing down to make sure the lock-system is fully engaged.

Can’t detach Firefins

Check out our troubleshooting videos and try following these things:

  • Detaching the fin is a 2 step procedure: 
    Step 1: press the release buttons on both sides simultaneously and hear multiple clicks
    Step 2: grab the fin at the front or back and pull away easily

  • Don’t press the release buttons and try to pull away the fin at the same time, this will block the  interlocking mechanism and can damage the system.

  • Make sure you press the release button strongly on both sides until you feel that all tips are disengaged.

  • It can happen that not all 4 tips disengage when pressing the release buttons. If so, press the fin down again strongly until you hear all clicks (this means the system re-engages), then follow the detach steps above.

  • It can happen that when you press the release buttons, they pop back out and don’t stay disengaged. In this very rare case you need to use both hands: one hand presses the release buttons, the other hand simultaneously grabs the front or back of the fin and lifts it up and away.

No click sound when pushing release buttons to detach Firefin

Check out our troubleshooting videos and try following things:

When detaching the fin, the click sound can vary for many reasons. Sometimes it is louder, sometimes you can barely hear it, this is normal and has no effect on the functionality of your Firefins. 

After detaching your Firefins a couple of times you will get a good feeling in your fingers when the tips have fully disengaged. Congrats, you are now an expert user and can show your friends ;-)